Thursday, July 31, 2008

How To Build A Opt-In List And What No One Else Will Show You!

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OK by now I am sure you have heard it time and time again "The Money Is In The List" right? Well here is a secret that will blow you out of the water IT IS! This is more than just a ploy to get you to buy a list building program it is the absolute truth. If you stand any chance at all to make money on the internet you MUST and I repeat MUST have your own personal opt-in list no question about it.

Now the question is, "how I build my own list?" The answer is simply "hard work" there is no silver bullet to building a list you need to put in the work to build a successful and profitable mailing list to promote your product, service, and affiliate programs to. In this article I will out line what it takes and the steps to get you there along with a Plan of Action (you know what they say if you fail to plan you plan to fail).

How To Build A Opt-In List And What No One Else Will Show You!

There are many ways to build a list so you should spend a little time researching the different methods of doing so, but there are a few crucialthings that they all have in common.

1. Put up a good web form in your site that immediately follows the end of your content.

2. Make your homepage very, very impressive. You need to have well written articles and descriptions of your site.

3. Provide good service and products. A return customer is more likely to bring in more business. Even now and then, a satisfied customer will recommend a business always to other potential customers.

4. Keep a clean and private list. Never lose the trust your customers have entrusted you.
Of course these are by no means all inclusive it would take months to write that, but these are the same for any type of opt-in list you are going to build for any business.

So now let's talk about traffic. In order to make good use of this information you will need traffic to your site to get the potential customers there right? So here are some very powerful ways to get that much needed traffic where you are just starting out or have been working on-line for years.

Where to get Traffic for Your List

There are tons and tons of places to advertise to build your opt-in list. These that I mention are simply the cheapest and fastest way to begin once you start making money you can look into more affective yet costly ways toget traffic to your site. For the purposes of this article I am going to talk about Free or very low cost methods for those who start with no budget or very small budgets like I did.

1. Article Advertising, I will provide you with a link to other resources that will make this as painless as possible (you will however need to write or have written for you a series of article or one really good well thought out article to start with).

2. Blogging, you will want to create blogs that you can use as a funnel to get people interested and back to you money making sites (I have a guide that can help in this area).

3. Forum Marketing, the only way to do this is spending the time it takes to get people in forums you join to know, trust, and like you this is essential for this type of marketing to work effectively (but if done right is very powerful) think about it who would you buy from first a friend that told you about something they liked or a stranger that might be scamming you out of your money? I would buy from a friend I trusted.

4. Yahoo Groups, this is another great way to build traffic and an opt-in list this works a lot like forums as you need to be seen and trusted in these groups as someone with valuable information before people trust you enough to want to spend there money or sign up for you newsletter.

5. MySpace, this is another FREE yet great way to find like minded people to get to know join in JVs and get to opt-in to your list plus these are people who more thank likely are looking for ways to promote their own opportunities so they are more open minded and know how it all works.

Happy List Building

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